Why We Buy Extra Diabetic Test Strips

Monitoring blood sugar level is mandatory in managing diabetes.  It lets you know how your treatment is working.  It can help you make important decisions on what to eat, on the level of physical activity you do, and the dose of your medication.  It can also help monitor symptoms of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

 Diabetics need to buy diabetic test strips and other diabetic supplies maintain their health.

It pains us to see many people suffer. They are not following their treatment program because of the cost of diabetic supplies. This is the reason why we have decided to sell compact test stripsbe a  buyer of test strips. We buy diabetic test strips from people who do not need them anymore and sell these test strips to people who need them at an affordable price. And because we understand that getting accurate results is crucial, we are very careful in buying strips. We only buy unexpired, unopened, and undamaged boxes.

Skipping tests is very risky. Unfortunately, many do not monitor their blood sugar level regularly. Some may have recently lost their job or they may be uninsured and cannot afford buying strips. Some need to check their blood sugar level 8 times a day on average. Retail stores are selling diabetic strips at $1 per strip. To save money, instead of buying their own diabetic supplies, some borrow  from friends and family. It should never be an option. Needles and finger pricking devices should never be used by more than more than one person because if you do, there is risk of spreading of blood-borne illnesses. It is important to follow your program seriously. Taking care of yourself and taking care of your diabetes can give you great benefits.

Do you have extra test strips? Do you want money for your test strips?

Sell your test strips to us!

Do you have extra test strips to sell?  If so, please call us at 855 578 7477 or fill out a quote form and email it to us.

Not only you can benefit from selling diabetic strips that you don’t need, other people who need them benefit too.


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