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Managing diabetes can be challenging. They are many foods you need to avoid to keep your blood sugar in check. But there are also foods that you can add to your diet to lower your blood sugar naturally. Watch this video.        


When you are under stress, your blood sugar level rises. If you have T2 Diabetes, your body will have a harder time lowering down your blood sugar level.   Stress is our body's natural reaction or alarm system to prepare itself to take action when faced with threats. Not all stress is bad – it can motivate you to give your best and get a job done. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot determine the difference between facing a threat of getting


The Amazing Discovery of Insulin

Almost a hundred years ago, before the discovery of insulin in 1921, there wasn't much hope for people who had diabetes. The most effective treatment at that time was to put the patients in strict diets where sugar was kept to a minimum. Some patients even die of starvation. We are very fortunate today, as a result of years of research and experiments, our scientists already has a huge amount of knowledge about diabetes. Diabetics can easily buy diabetic test strips, insulin


Most newly diagnosed kids have there med alert bracelets on.  A lot of newly diagnosed adults do too.  But, more often than not, once the "shine" wears off of the new diagnosis, the shine of the new jewelry wears off too and the necklace or bracelet makes its way to the bottom of a drawer. No one wants to think about medical emergencies and it is easy to brush off the


Feet: The Big Picture

Having diabetes doubles the risk for foot disease. About 30 percent of people with diabetes over 40 years old develop medical issues involving their feet. The damaged nerves and below average blood circulation that often accompany diabetes can ensure that even minor cuts, scrapes, or bruises on feet can become major without action. Chronically elevated glucose levels in your bloodstream can damage the nervous system, negatively affecting not only