The Doctor said “diabetes”! What Supplies Do I Need?


If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or know someone who has, you probably have a million questions.  A main concern will be the equipment and supplies you need to keep on hand to help manage your diabetes.  There are some basic supplies that you will want to keep on hand as you manage your health.

1. Blood Glucose Monitor

Your most important task is to test your blood glucose level.  When you check your level it will help you identify how well treatments are working and how exercise and eating habits affect blood sugar level. Diabetics usually check their blood just prior to eating and again a couple of hours after eating.  When you have an empty stomach, glucose levels should range between 75 and 130.  Levels should stay below 180, but of course there are individual ranges.  Your doctor should help with you determine the range that is right for you

2. Diabetic Testing Strips

Blood Glucose Testing Strips are essential for testing your blood.  Your doctor will help you select a brand that she trusts. Avoid using testing strips that have expired – there is a possibility they will not work as accurately.

3.  Insulin

Diabetes requires some patients to use insulin.  Be sure to store all insulin in a cool, dry place and don’t keep it too long or it may not work as well.

These are a few of the diabetic supplies you need to keep on hand after you are diagnosed.  It may be overwhelming at first, but after some time these supplies will become a part of your everyday life.

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