Is It Legal to Sell My Diabetic Test Strips?

“Is it legal to sell my diabetic test strips?”

We hear that question from prospective clients at least once or twice a month.  Diabetic testing strips are not prescription items (they can be purchased at any pharmacy or supermarket without a prescription.) and therefore it is legal to sell them.

It is unfortunate if extra supplies are NOT used!    Consider this–families are struggle to afford diabetic supplies while others have supplies they will never use.  The irony is if the unused supplies are thrown away and people without insurance cannot afford the diabetic testing supplies they need.

We keep your information private–and we are sincerely thankful to you for selling your extra testing strips so that they are affordable for other people with diabetes.

Thanks to diabetic test strips sellers thousands of diabetics are able to purchase their supplies at a reasonable rate.  My business also supports two diabetic clinics as well as JDRF!



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