Things You Can Sell Online To Make Money

Other than selling your extra diabetic test strips for cash, there are still lot of things you can sell online for more cash.

Make sure to share the website to your friends and family. Help them find us. They may be wondering who buys test strips. And we know for sure they will be interested in selling tests trips to us. We buy most brands of diabetic test strips.Whether you need extra money or you just want to get rid of the clutter in your house, you will find this list worth reading.



  1. Books – The condition of the book is very important since it’s an important factor in determining it’s value. There are many websites that you can use to sell your books, but Amazon.com and eBay are two of the most popular.
  1. Tech Gadgets – Gazelle.com is a good site to sell your tech stuff. You can get the highest value if your gadgets looks and functions good as new. But you can still sell your broken/cracked stuff for a good price.
  1. Baby Supplies/Equipments – Get rid of the baby stuff you don’t need by selling them. A quick search on Google will give you a lot of websites that buys pre-loved baby stuff.
  1. Musical Instruments – Do you have an old guitar that you haven’t touched for years and you’re not interested in playing it anymore ? Sell it! You may be surprised how much value you can get for it.
  1. Old Cds/Vinyl Records – You can sell your old CD and Vinyl Collections for cash.
  1. Sport and Fitness Equipments – Do you have uniforms, shoes, equipments you don’t use anymore? Don’t let it collect dust, sell it instead.
  1. Furniture – Sell your furniture that just sits in storage. Determine the value of the furniture through it’s quality, size, and style. The better the quality of your furniture the greater the money you get.

Look around your house, sell the things you don’t need. You can earn money by getting rid of the clutter of in your house. But when it comes to selling diabetic strips, trust selldiabeticteststrips.com to give you the best price. Having six years of experience as a buyer of test strips and other diabetic supplies, we can brag about giving the best service to our clients. And we pay fast too!

If you want money for your test strips, sell your strips to us.

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