Get A Quote

Inspect your boxes of diabetic test strips.

Note the brand and expiration date and make certain they are factory sealed. If there is a sticker attached, please leave it on. We will remove it after arrival to us. You can use a felt tip marker to cover up personal information. Removing stickers can cause damage to the test strips boxes.

Fill Out the Test Strip Quote.

Fill out the test strip quote form or email us the information at We will provide a quote quickly.

Package the strips.

Package your diabetic test strips securely in a box and mail them to:

Test Strip Search
15100 Longford Drive
Granger, IN 46530

You can use any shipping method you like, but we recommend USPS for economy. USPS First Class Mail is very inexpensive (you may use it on boxes up to 13 ounces) or Priority Mail works well for boxes 14 ounces-2 pounds. The Post Office will provide you with a free Priority Mail box for Priority Mail Shipping.

Include your quote.

Include your quote (a printed form, email or a handwritten copy) and your email address and home address in the package.

We will send a check.

We will send a check (or Money Order or PayPal payment upon request) to your address within two days of inspecting the strips. We will also reimburse shipping expenses. The payment will be sent to you within two days of the arrival of the strips.