Mailing Label

When you sell diabetic test strips to us, the shipping is always FREE! Use our USPS label or we can reimburse your shipping cost.



1.)  When you sell test strips, print the shipping label above, cut it out and attach it to the box you already have. Always use a sturdy box. Don’t use envelopes–the boxes will get crushed and damaged on their way to us. Do not using boxes that are too thin. Do not pack them too tight or they will be damaged.

2.) Make sure you have your return address on the box.  You can even put it inside the box, we just need to know who to pay for the diabetic test strips.

3.)   Leave pharmacy labels on the diabetic test strips–we always remove the labels after the boxes arrive.  This prevents tearing.  If you wish, gently cross off your personal information with a sharpie marker.  Make sure not to get any marker on your box of test strips. Please do not use ball pen , it will damage the box. 

4.)  Give the shipping box containing your diabetic test strips to your USPS postal carrier or take to your local post office.  

Remember, the postage has already been paid.  Simply drop off your package, you do not need to wait in line.

Note: The diabetic test strips must be no less than 120 days away from the expiration date.

We will issue a payment within 24 hours of receiving your diabetic test strips.

We always pay quickly!  Check out what our customers who sell diabetic test strips regularly to us have to say!


Do you have questions? Need us to send you a box and a label? Call us at 855 578 7477. Check out our FAQ page.


We will issue a payment within 24 hours of receiving your test strips.