Watch the video and learn how easy it is to sell diabetic test strips.

 Selling diabetic strips is easy as 1,2, and 3!

A few points to consider when selling diabetic test strips:

  1. We can only buy sealed boxes of diabetic test strips.
  2. We buy diabetic test strips that have a minimum of 120 days before the expiration date.  Call us at  855 578 7477  if you need help finding the expiration date.
  3. The condition of the unopened box is very important. No one wants crushed or open boxes. If your box of diabetic test strips is slightly damaged, give us with a description of the damage so that we can give an adjusted price. Please use a sturdy box to pack the test strips. Do not us a box that is too thin and do not pack it too tight.
  4. We respect your privacy. We remove labels and stickers from the boxes.We discourage you from removing the labels yourself as it is possible that you will damage the box. Please mark your personal information with a black felt tip marker before shipping. DO NOT use ball pen. It will damage the box. 

1. Is it legal to sell diabetic test strips?

We hear this question from prospective clients at least once or twice a month.

YES, it is legal for you to sell your excess test strips and it is also legal for us to buy your test strips as well. Diabetic test strips are not regulated items. You do not need a prescription to buy it. You may have prescription for it but anyone can buy it at any pharmacy or store.


2. I want to sell my test strips, is there a limit?.

Sell test strips in any quantity you choose –  we buy test strips in all quantities.


3. What brands of diabetic test strips do you buy?

We buy most major brands of diabetic testing strips. We always buy One Touch Ultra, Contour, Breeze 2, FreeStyle and FreeStyle Lite and most varieties of Accu-Chek. Call our office if you do not see your brand of test strips listed.


4. Do you buy expired diabetic test strips?

We do not buy expired test strips. Test strips must be no less than 120 days away from the expiration date.

Can I reuse diabetic test strips?


5. Can I sell my diabetic test strips if boxes that are slightly damaged?

We can only give the best price for undamaged boxes. Call our office to get an adjusted quote. We cannot buy damaged and opened boxes.


6. Do you buy other diabetic supplies other than diabetic testing strips?

We buy name brand lancets and you can donate diabetic meters to us (we will make sure they get to folks in need.)  We can only take lancets and meters when we are buying your test strips.


7. Do you guarantee the quoted price for the diabetic testing strips?

Yes, as long as the shipment matches the representation made for the quote. Please provide an accurate description of the test strips you want to sell. If your box of test strips is slightly damaged (unopened), you can call our office for an adjusted quote. When you sell test strips to us, we always work hard to be fair.

Make sure to use a sturdy box in sending us the diabetic test strips. Do no use a box that is too thin because the test strips will get crushed. Also, do not pack them too tight.


8. When can I expect the payment for my diabetic test strips?

You will get paid FAST, when you sell your diabetic test strips to us.  We will mail payment with one business day of receipt of your test strips. Payment will be made in the form of a check, postal money order, PayPal payment or ACH deposit, whichever you prefer.  When you sell test strips to us you will receive the payment you request very quickly.


9. How can I be certain this is not a scam?

We are in business for 6 years  and we work honestly and professionally. Our address, phone number and email are available to you. When you ship your items using USPS it is actually mail fraud if we do not promptly return a payment to you.  You can always reach us by phone when you have any concerns about selling diabetic test strips. Check us out on facebook!


10. Will you return my excess test strip shipment?

We cannot buy expired or extremely damaged boxes of test strips.  If you try to sell diabetic strips that are expired by mistake, we will have to return them at your expense.


11. Should I remove the labels on my boxes of diabetic test strips?

We do not recommend that you remove the labels yourself as you will likely cause damage to the box which will affect the price. Let us do it. We have all the necessary tools needed in removing the labels.  Use a black Sharpie to mark through your personal information on the label. Be careful not to mark the box! Please DO NOT use ball pen.


12. How do I ship my diabetic test strips?

Always use a sturdy box when you sell diabetic test strips–this will keep them from crushing. The test strips are lightweight and can often be mailed first class. If they are over 13 ounces, USPS Priority Mail works well and offers free boxes. Make sure to include your complete address and your email. Also include a copy (printed or written) of the quote we provided.  CALL US OR EMAIL US ANYTIME for a pre-posted box and label to use when you sell test strips.


We strive to make it simple and easy for you to sell diabetic test strips to us!

Call us today at 855 578 7477 or fill out a quote form.