Managing Diabetes—Always a part of your life

Diabetics have so many things to keep track of in order to manage their disease. The range of issues that diabetics have to understand and navigate can be overwhelming at times. All of us lead busy and often complicated lives, but since our job is buying diabetic testing strips, we deal with many clients who have diabetes, and they often share stories of their challenges and how they cope. Managing diabetes takes attention, dedication and creativity in dealing with the problems and demands of everyday life.

Diabetics, (as well as folks with other health conditions), must be vigilant about their diet and eating right. Depending on their care plan, a diabetic may have to test their blood sugar on a regular schedule, using a blood glucose monitor and test strips. They then keep track of the readings, while making adjustments to their diet based on those readings. Diabetics have many things to pay attention to and quite a lot of information to keep track of!

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many diabetics have had to make adjustments to their health insurance plans, as the Act changed some drug classifications as well as including testing meters and test strips as durable equipment. The ACA has affected the coverage of many Americans, and diabetics have had to be particularly attentive to how the changes in their coverage impact their ability to manage their disease. Just unraveling the many changes to health insurance and analyzing which diabetic testing equipment, like meters, and consumables, like test strips, are covered by the available plans, requires diabetics to have serious dedication to understanding their coverage.

When it comes to the expenses of managing diabetes, a little creativity may allow one to save money here and there. As a self-described “homeconomaniac,” I am always looking for ways to save money on groceries. While surfing the web this week, I discovered a good article from a diabetic website that is actually helpful to anyone looking to trim their food costs and create meal plans. The site is DiabetesSelfManagement.com and the article can be found here. Eating well on a budget clearly calls for a healthy dose of creativity.

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If you are a diabetic, or you know someone who is, you know that managing diabetes is complicated and involves many things that aren’t covered here. And there is only one aspect of your disease we can help you with, that is we can help you sell your test strips.

 But just remember – at Sell Diabetic Test Strips, we only do one thing: we buy diabetic testing strips.

We may only do one thing, but we do it right, and we do it well!

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