Join over 5,000 other customers when you sell test strips to us!

When you sell diabetic test strips to us, you are in good company!

We have serviced over 5,000 clients in the four years that we have been buying diabetic test strips.  We are so proud of our customer service and are glad to know we have helped over 5,000 folks get money for their extra diabetic test strips.

When starting this business we realized right away that our clients are the most important part of our business.  Each and every person who calls in to sell diabetic strips to us is treated like gold!  We enjoy talking to you, helping you and paying you for your diabetic test strips.  We are glad (and you will feel this when you contact us) to take your calls and answer your questions.

We know that you want to deal with real people.  When you have questions about selling diabetic test strips you do not want to talk to an answering machine.  We make every effort to answer calls seven days a week.  When you call to sell diabetic test strips to us, you will rarely get an answering machine!

We also know you want your money fast.  We check in each box that arrives six days a week and issue payments with 24 hours.  We consider paying fast a priority and you will get paid as fast as possible each and every time.

When you sell test strips to us we know you want us to do good things with them.  Each and every box of diabetic strips we buy is used by another diabetic.  The boxes that are damaged or outdated are donated to local animal clinics.  We also support JDRF a charity that looks for a cure to Juvenile Diabetes.

We know you want your privacy protected.  We shred any information on your prescription labels and consider your privacy paramount.  When you sell test strips to us we will never release your name or contact information to other marketers or companies.

Again, 5,000 customers speaks highly of us and we want to thank each and every one.

When you sell diabetic strips to us you are in good company!

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