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The initial shock that comes after when someone learns he has diabetes is difficult. Depending on how people react, it can sometimes lead to depression, shame, fear or guilt. Needless to say, having diabetes is an emotional experience, thus, keeping it under control through physical and mental exercise is important. Stress is one of the major factors that can cause diabetes. It increases the flow of glucagon which is the hormone responsible for increasing blood glucose levels


Here are some helpful videos about the best foods and drinks if you have Diabetes. If you like the videos, give them a thumbs up and share them with your friends and family. :)    


I like this series. It explains what diabetes is in a way we could easily understand.


Managing diabetes can be challenging. They are many foods you need to avoid to keep your blood sugar in check. But there are also foods that you can add to your diet to lower your blood sugar naturally. Watch this video.        


  NO, it can't. Cinnamon cannot cure diabetes but it may be a promising supplement. According to one study, cinnamon has been found to lower blood sugar level in people with type 2 diabetes. Some studies have found cinnamon effective in lowering blood sugar level but many studies also found it ineffective. Regardless whether its effective or not, including cinnamon in your


Diabetic Test Strips are an important component in monitoring the blood glucose levels. Blood glucose test strips or diabetic test strips are used to measure to glucose in the blood. They are composed of plastic, a thin layer of gold, and some chemicals. They do not work on their own. Diabetic Test Strips must be used with a Blood Glucose Meter.   How do they work? A diabetic uses


  Type 1 Diabetes cannot be prevented. No one can predict who will or won't get it. Type 2 Diabetes however, can sometimes be prevented. There are many factors that put a person at risk for Type 2 Diabetes. A family history of diabetes Age over 45 Race or ethnic background Metabolic syndrome (also called insulin resistance syndrome). Being overweight Hypertension Abnormal lipid levels History of gestational diabetes


Diabetics need to keep their blood sugar level as normal as possible or in the range the doctor has advised. If your blood sugar level is too high or too low, it can make you very sick. When your blood sugar is too low, it is called Hypoglycemia. When your blood sugar is too high, it is called Hyperglycemia. Hypoglycemia can make you feel dizzy, shaky, tired,


When you are under stress, your blood sugar level rises. If you have T2 Diabetes, your body will have a harder time lowering down your blood sugar level.   Stress is our body's natural reaction or alarm system to prepare itself to take action when faced with threats. Not all stress is bad – it can motivate you to give your best and get a job done. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot determine the difference between facing a threat of getting


Most newly diagnosed kids have there med alert bracelets on.  A lot of newly diagnosed adults do too.  But, more often than not, once the "shine" wears off of the new diagnosis, the shine of the new jewelry wears off too and the necklace or bracelet makes its way to the bottom of a drawer. No one wants to think about medical emergencies and it is easy to brush off the